Finally… the Disney World trip report starts!

Okay, so I’ve been busy for quite a while. Thanksgiving travel to see family, move to a new home, hubby went on an overseas trip, finish moving, Christmas and all it’s travel plans, New Year’s travel, no school snow days…. phew!! I’m tired just typing all that! LOL

But then down to the nitty-gritty fun… planning my Disney trip down to the small details, as I so love to do! ;-) Honestly, I don’t think many people believe me when I tell them there is SO MUCH to do at the Walt Disney World resort, that even after many trips, there are still things I haven’t done that are on my bucket list… such as a campfire sing-along with s’mores and a movie with Chip and Dale at Fort Wilderness Campground. There’s just not enough hours in the day while on a Disney vacation. Ha!

So what did I do while at Disney World?? Well, read on my friends. It’s gonna take several posts to cover it all. Just settle in with your favorite drink and some popcorn, and I’ll give you all the amazing details of my 7 days at the Happiest Place on Earth! :-D

Let’s start with the first morning and check in, shall we? I had driven from VA to FL over two days, so the night before I arrived on Disney property, I checked in to the Baymont Inn and Suites not too far from the gates to Walt Disney World. It was clean and comfortable, but some of the other guests were a bit loud. The bed was super plush and sumptuous! I asked at the front desk where it comes from and the answer I got was, “Somewhere in Mexico. Maybe call the housekeeping  manager when you get home. He will know.” I have still yet to do that, but I’d love one of those beds at home.

On to my home-away-from-home…. Yaaayyyy!


IMG_0330 IMG_0331

It was a rainy, nasty day, but that sure couldn’t spoil my excitement. I was checking into the Port Orleans Riverside resort! I had heard so many wonderful things about POR as it’s known to Disney fans. I had booked a Royal Guest Room because the pictures look beautiful and I am mesmerized by the headboard with the twinkling “fireflies” and “fireworks”.

My room wasn’t ready when I checked in early, so I got my resort paperwork, parking pass, and “I’m Celebrating” button (more about that in another post), and headed on my way to Downtown Disney for lunch, shopping, and fun. I’ll be writing more about that later, but let’s fast-forward to the amazing room that I was so lucky to be staying in for the week!


Finally, I’m here! The “mousekeeper” left me a towel Mickey head on the bed. They are known for such cute towel creatures. But I was more astounded by the beautiful and clean beds and creative theming. They really do think of everything!


Here’s the vanity in the bathroom area. Two sinks, a great ledge for all your beauty products, a bar to hang clothes with hangers (and a bag for laundry if you don’t want to do it yourself, send it off with Mousekeeping), an iron and ironing table, a safe with key, and a blow-dryer. Sorry I didn’t get closer pictures of all those things listed. I was exhausted and ready to hit the hay. :-)


Here is the flat-panel TV with tons of channels, and several devoted to the parks, resorts, must-do fun, and so on. The dresser has three drawers for clothing, and the door conceals a refrigerator. On top is a coffee maker with coffee “pods”. It’s a nice clean system, and features Joffrey’s Coffee if you are familiar with them. I was not, and I’m not really impressed, but it sure beats the Nescafe they had before. Also, as most standard hotel rooms have, there is an ice bucket and cups. For me, the ice machine and soda/snack machines were right around the corner. Off to the right of the dresser is a nice stool for sitting, and off to the left is one of the chairs that goes to the table.


The seating area. Again, sorry I didn’t get better pictures. My stuff was in the way, but on the table is a note from Tiana of Princess and the Frog fame. She’s welcoming her guests to the new Royal Room and wishes them a happy stay. I have to say, Tiana has nice taste in decorating!


Just a little picture of the little bathroom. It was functional, but tight. Water flow from the showerhead was nice, and I always love the Mickey-themed toiletries that Mousekeeping leaves. I got a ton of those to take home. More on that in a later post, too!


Outside my building at night… Parterre Place. It was so beautifully landscaped and serene. I was on the backside of the building facing the grass and a tree line, but it was really quiet. I slept very soundly every night I was there.


Here is a closer look at the colorful water fountain in the courtyard. It was just as pretty during the day, too.


Okay, friends! I was tuckered out, as they say in the south. I hit the buttons to start my headboard light-show and drifted off to la-la land, happily anticipating the next day in my escape to the world of magic and imagination.

So tell me… What Disney resorts have you stayed at and recommend to friends? What resort have you not stayed at yet, but are dreaming for one day?

(for the record, I can’t wait to stay at the Boardwalk Inn sometime) :-)

Thanksgiving Fun for the Family!

It almost seems as if the world around us skips over Thanksgiving altogether since Christmas music plays in the stores as we shop for Christmas gifts and Christmas decorations. I myself am guilty of wishing Christmas would come sooner as we start to plan where we are going to travel an whose side of the family we will visit.

But this year I am wanting to slow things down and enjoy all that both holidays bring. This year I want to do Thanksgiving crafts and decorations and goodies. So I went on a search and found some great ideas from :-)

What better way to remind us to be thankful than to sit down and have some quality time with family or friends and craft away!!

I think this one is my favorite…


DIY Thanksgiving Charm Bracelet

These are super-cute candy boxes!


Mickey Candy Box


Minnie Candy Box


Chip and Dale paper craft (bonus points if you can tell which is which! LOL)

Table markers, place cards, and cup labels:


printable for the kids table


Pumpkin carriage place cards


cute cup labels

Games and Activity pages:


Mickey checkers


Activity page


Coloring page

And to top it all off, the smell of warm apples tarts baking in the oven while you craft and color! Mmmmmm…..


Pooh’s Honey Holiday Tarts

Hope everyone has a wonderful time getting ready for Thanksgiving!


I’d love to see pictures if you do any of these crafts for Thanksgiving!! Send me an e-mail or comment below! :-)

ABC Family’s 25 Day of Christmas

ABC Family is again doing their great lineup of Christmas movies this year! In addition to the 25 days, there are several days before that to “countdown” where they will be showing some great Disney movies. Would you like to see the schedule??

Click on the picture below to go directly to the schedule, or click the link below it for ABC Family’s page.


ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas

I’m excited about the Toy Story marathon and all the versions of A Christmas Carol!! What are you excited to see on this year’s list?

So now with the Holidays coming up so quickly…. who’s ready for some shopping? :-D

Mistakes to Not Make When Planning Your Disney World Vacation


My new friend Carrie wrote a wonderful post for another Disney blog today. I just had to share this great info with you.

I certainly have made a couple of those mistakes myself, but I have learned the right way to do Disney! Haha!

And I can now share that knowledge with you when you’re ready to book a vacation to a Disney destination. Not only can I book Disney World, but also Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, and Aulani (Disney’s Hawaiian resort), and I have experience with Disney’s beach resorts at Hilton Head, SC, and Vero Beach, FL.

What are your favorite tips for vacationing to Disney or elsewhere??